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We want to believe that someone is teaching our children how to communicate effectively.

How to make informed decisions – and set goals. But who?


The truth is, if young people don’t learn life skills early in life, they may not learn them at all.

And, we know that you as parent don't always have time to teach your child these important skills.


That’s why the Destined for Success’ program was developed to be flexible enough to fit into everything from before school, after school, summer programs, youth groups and more.

The Destined for Success life skills program focuses on creating active learning experiences for young people through mentoring, group and partner activities, discussions, and the use of technology.

It is a comprehensive program for grades 6 - 12, with numerous hour of life skills instruction covering critical topics through fun, activity-based lessons that teach skills like communication, decision making, goal setting, coping, respect, conflict resolution, integrity, problem solving, and more.

Young people with life skills lead better lives.

A program that includes life skills makes a difference. Students graduate from high school and are better prepared for college and rewarding careers. Misdirected youth become positive contributing community members. Young people involved in gangs, leave them and become responsible individuals. Learning life skills helps our children create better futures for themselves.



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